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about roger neal & neal family ministries
Roger Neal founded NEAL PUBLIC RELATIONS over 34 years ago representing the biggest names in hollywood and politics, from Bob Barker to Donny Osmond, Lee Greenwood, TV shows, TV specials, movies, President George Bush Sr during his administration serving on the Presdiental Advance Team.

What Neal is most proud of is his walk with Christ. Neal would meet Lynn Briggs and they would marry. Roger & Lynn Neal would have 3 children Chelsea, Roger Jr and Bianca. Roger would help lead Lynn to the Lord and together they would lead their children to the Lord.

They were called into ministry, traveling the country, appearing on TV worldwide bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song and the word. Lynn would be diagnosed with Multiple Scelrosis. God healed her and she speaks in the services and concerts today about her healing. Roger and his family sing on TV and radio worldwide.

In 2003, Roger & Lynn would produce WHERE GOD GUIDES, a weekly Gospel Music TV show that aired worldwide on Christian networks.

In 2004, they produced their first project for MS ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS SING FOR MS THE LORD WILL PROVIDE. This 2-disc set features a dvd and a music cd, the dvd is hosted by TV Legend Wink Martindale and features Sonja Isaacs, Russ Taff, Charlie Daniels, Alison Krause, and Stella Parton to name a few.

In 2006, The Neal's produced THE ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS SING FOR MS THE MIRACLE OF CHRISTMAS, live 2-hour Christmas concert dvd/cd set a live concert on dvd and two live in-concert cds featuring The Hoppers, The Perrys, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Candy Christmas, Ann Downing, Gary McSpadden, Gordon Mote, Laverne and Edith Tripp,Gerald Crabb, and Young Harmony among many others.

In 2007, they released ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS SING FOR MS FAVORITE GOSPEL SONGS, a 2-hour dvd concert and two live in-concert cd's featuring the same major artists as the Miracle of Christmas.

2007 also saw the ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS SING FOR MS CONCERT SERIES, the biggest names of Southern Gospel music on tour, with Roger and his family nationwide raising money for those with MS. In 14 cities, Neal gave away $91,000 in power chairs with the help of their sponsor, THE SCOOTER STORE, to those with MS that needed mobility and could not afford it. The tour also saw hundreds coming to Christ.

Today Neal and his family continue to raise money for those with MS traveling, doing concerts, and through sales of their ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS DVD/CD PROJECTS.

In January of 2008, Roger and his family launched the ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS GOSPEL MUSIC HOUR radio show heard nationally each week.

2009 will see the taping of the 4th ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS SING FOR MS DVD/CD CONCERT project from LOS RIOS RANCHO in Oak Glen, CA in the historic apple orchards. This project will release in summer 2009.

All of the ROGER NEAL AND FRIENDS SING FOR MS DVD/CD SERIES projects are also TV specials, each of the three specials so far have been seen on TV by 10 million people worldwide.

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